Tips To Enhance Your Massage


                     Before your massage:

 1.  It is better not to receive massage on a full stomach.

 2.  Arrive a couple of minutes early.

 3.  Tell therapist about any allergies you have or
      medications you are taking.

 4.  Do not drink alcohol before your massage.

 5.  Plan to have some time to yourself for 30 - 60 minutes
      after massage.


During your massage:

* Tell your therapist about anything preventing you from being able to relax:

                i.e. pressure - more or less

                    music - type and volume

                    temperature - too cool, too warm

* Relax into the table and Enjoy!

                                                   After your massage:

  1. Drink an extra 24 oz. of water over the next 24 hours. 
      (disregard this if you drink 48 or more ounces of
       water every day)

  2.  For the rest of the day, give yourself gentle stretches. 
       Ask your body where it wants to stretch.

  3.  Take a bath before you go to sleep.

  4.  Get an extra 20 to 30 minutes of sleep the night of your massage.

  5.  It is better not to drink alcohol after your massage,
       if you do, be aware that the alcohol may affect
       you 2 to 3 times more strongly than usual.

 6.  Enjoy your less stressed and happy self!

Stephanie Tilton

Martha's Vineyard